Our Convenience Stores Just Got More Convenient

Did we just make our convenience store…. more convenient?
The first self-checkout system in America was introduced in 1992. It was developed by a company called Checkpoint Systems, Inc. and the system was installed at a Price Chopper Supermarket in Clifton Park, New York. This early version of self-checkout was known as the “Service 2000” and allowed customers to scan their own items and pay for them using a credit card. 

Since then, self-checkout technology has evolved and become a common feature in many retail stores and supermarkets across the United States and around the world. It has greatly contributed to the efficiency of the checkout process and provided customers with more options for completing their purchases. 
Self-checkout at convenience stores refers to a system where customers can scan and pay for their purchases themselves, without the assistance of a cashier. This technology allows for a quicker and more efficient shopping experience. Here are some key points about self-checkout in convenience stores.

How It Works: 
Customers use a self-service kiosk with a scanner and payment interface. 
They scan the barcodes of their items and place them in bags. 
Once all items are scanned, they can pay.
The system verifies the payment, and the transaction is complete. 

Faster Transactions: Self-checkout can be quicker than traditional cashier-assisted checkout, especially for customers with a small number of items. 
Reduced Wait Times: It can help reduce long lines during busy periods. 
Convenience: Customers have more control over their transactions and can proceed at their own pace. 
We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with all our valued customers – we’ve joined the Self-Checkout crew! 🛒💫 
Now, you have the option to breeze through your shopping experience at your own pace. Simply scan, bag, and pay, all with the touch of a button. It’s fast, easy, and designed with your convenience in mind.  
Visit us today and experience the future of shopping right here at Minuteman Food Mart. We can’t wait for you to try it out! 

*Available at various locations*